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Article in the latest edition of the NARPO Newsletter:


Many of you will have read in the local press about house burglaries where entry has been gained by snapping the Europrofile door locks.  This is where the intruder takes off the outer door handle, gets hold of the lock barrel with molegrips and exerts sideways pressure to snap the barrel in the middle of the door.  I recently had mine checked and were found to be Europrofile.  I had them replaced and was amazed by the ease with which the old ones were snapped by way of demonstration.

Local new company Europal Locks will check your locks and replace them if necessary.

Check out our facebook page and see recommendations from satisfied customers Europal Locks .  Here are some of the comments we have received.

Peter is wonderful he fitted new door handles for me when I lived in Greetland highly recommendable – Andrea Brown

Excellent service, and first class products – John Purves