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Hoppe Snap Resistant Handles  – Hoppe Pas 24


External backplates manufactured from solid aluminium thus providing added strength and attack resistance

Sliding cylinder cover to protect against attack abd adjustable to suit various cylinder lengths

M6 Hardened steel screws for added strength 

These handles are designed to exceed the PAS24 security test, thus helping to protect your euro cylinder from snapping and pulling attack methods.

They meet the “Secured By Design” specification, and we recommend that they be fitted along with a British Standard kite marked security cylinder ( Astral S) to give optimum resistance to forced entry.

The cylinder is enclosed by a sliding cover, thus also providing a visible deterrent to would-be attackers.

Security on residential doors is of paramount importance due to the ever increasing number of opportunistic burglaries in the UK today. To combat this, HOPPE (UK) Ltd has launched a new range of security door handles specifically aimed at delaying the initial attack upon a residential doorset.

PAS 24-1:2007 – Product Assessment Specification
Enhanced security performance for door set assemblies.
This is a recognised way of testing doorsets to ensure they perform when subjected to attack.

PAS 24 is recognised by Secure By Design as a method of testing a door set assembly to an enhanced level of security. Tests are carried out on a complete door set in its frame with identified points of attack within the specification. They include hinge points, locking points, panels and hardware. In order to attain PAS 24 accreditation for a particular product fitted to a door set, forced entry must be resisted for a specified time period. HOPPE PAS 24 Handles are specifically designed to satisfy those test conditions to hold the Secured By Design licence.


Security professionals highlight the cylinder as a vulnerable part of a doorset, including the surrounding hardware that operates a motorised or multipoint locking mechanism. Under section A.11 of PAS 24, along with controlled mechanical loadings, there is provision to attack the cylinder and surrounding hardware using a set of specified tools in an attempt to gain entry through the door.

With the 10-year operational guarantee, HOPPE extends way beyond the statutory 2 years of European regulations, thereby setting the new quality standard for brand name hardware. The next page gives you an overview of the tests made by HOPPE compared with DIN EN 1906 and RAL-RG 607/9.

Available in White, Gold & Silver