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Figures from the Home Office show that:

Most burglaries are carried out by opportunist thieves.  In 8 out of 10 burglaries, force is used. 

Households with no security measures are 10 times more likely to be burgled than those with security measures and deterrents in place. With two thirds of all burglaries being attempted through a door, even the most secure lock isn’t any good if the doors and frames aren’t strong enough. With this in mind, the Brisant Ultion Anti Snap Cylinder is an ideal solution for all new installations with uPVC and composite doors, as it helps manufacturers achieve the latest security standards whilst offering homeowners peace of mind that their homes are protected by robust doorsets with visual deterrents. 

With lock snapping crimes on the increase, home security specialist Brisant has launched a new Anti-Snap euro profile cylinder.

The ULTImate standard that other 3-star anti-snap locks want but don’t get. This is the rigours of the TS007 3-star but with added aggression, and tested by an MLA locksmith. The tester is allowed more access around the lock, more tools, freedom to break the material surrounding the lock and the ability to pause the clock to consider a different tack – Ultion has been tested to this standard

TS007 3 Star

The Ultion lock has been tested to the needs of the British Standard TS007 3 star standard, without having to be bolstered with an expensive high security handle. When Ultion is locked it is the actual center cam that gets independantly secured, not secured to the internal plug – this means that even when the key is left on the inside of the lock, Ultion is still secure.


Ultion Lock