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Window Film

We can install Window Film to your conservatories, windows and doors.

Tinted – To reduce glare ideal for south facing conservatories

Safety – To prevent injuries caused by broken or flying glass

Security – To laminate existing glass in conservatories, windows or doors to toughen or harden glass, this helps protect your house from burglaries. If window glass is coated with safety film and is subject to accidental or intentional attack the film helps prevent the glass from shattering and holds it in place.

Solar Control – Silver reflective film helps to reduce excessive heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter

Conservatory Cooling

If your conservatory is getting too hot or uncomfortable during the summer months then maybe our range of Solar Control films will be able to help.

As our films reject a large percentage of the Sun’s energy from actually coming into the conservatory in the first place it is much easier to maintain comfortable temperatures all year round.