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The principle of lock snapping is an easy one. Apply enough force to the cylinder and it will break across it’s weakest point. This is usually accomplished using a pair of mole grips, or a claw hammer, basically anything that can be used to physically grab the cylinder. Obviously Lock snapping leaves much more evidence of a break in than lock bumping, but ultimately the result is the same, an intruder is able to enter your home. In terms of time scale Lock Snapping is equally as quick as Bumping, taking only a few seconds to snap a cylinder.

As lock snapping targets only the cylinder, all the security measures you have on your door such as roller keeps, shoot-bolts, anti lift bars and dead-bolts are rendered ineffective because once the cylinder has been removed the locking mechanism can be operated using a small rod of metal or a screw driver.

We can offer a new cylinder upgrade, we also provide a specialist fitting service.

Upgrade your Handles to one of the Hoppe PAS 24 Security Handles. The Tokyo enhanced security handle is possibly the most secure handle available today. Even well after withstanding the 3 minute test, the handle could not be removed from the door. The actual damage to the handle was minimal, clear evidence of its strength and security. Protects the cylinder from attack why not fit along with the antisnap cylinder for ultimate security.



This is an example of a standard lock
that has been snapped:





This is an example of
a snapped handle and lock:



 We can fit anti snap cylinders, Hoppe Pas 24 Security Handles and sash
jammers at competitive prices.  

We can also repair faulty mechanisms’ on doors and windows

 Available for call out in the Kirklees, Calderdale and the surrounding areas,
Huddersfield, Holmfirth, Dewsbury, Bradford & Batley.